Open Archive: Interventions

Les disparus

Gothic Gestures

Hemony | Dirk Braeckman, 2012

'Encountering the Oude Kerk Archive': UvA Workshop, MA Museum Studies

Silence #45: Mechatok

Silence #44: Alma Quartet

Reopening Mirror Room

Silence #39: Anthea Caddy (Sonic Acts)

The Walk | Titia Ex, 2022

Spoken Word in Garden of Scars | Museumnight, 2022

Silence #43: Pink Oculus

Silence #42: Togo All Stars

Silence #41: Djuwa Mroivili

Silence #40: Vincent van Amsterdam

Walk and Talk: CATPC

Walk and Talk: Ama van Dantzig

Walk and Talk: Marianna van der Zwaag

Walk and Talk: Eveline Sint Nicolaas

Artist Talk: Ibrahim Mahama

Walk and Talk: Raquel van Haver

Gathering #3: Future Sounds and Beyond: The Non-Aligned

Gathering #2: Sounds Bouncing Through History

Gathering #1: Stories Across the Atlantic and Beyond

Garden of Scars | Ibrahim Mahama, 2022: Site Visit Ghana

Garden of Scars | Ibrahim Mahama, 2022: Making Process

Garden of Scars | Ibrahim Mahama, 2022

† Matroos Beeldsnijder, Jacob
† Petersen, Jacob De

Silence #38: Fuensanta Méndez and Trio Perselí

Silence #37: Lucrecia Dalt

Walk and Talk: Mariette Dölle and Marianna van der Zwaag

Come Closer: Jacuzzi and DJ LazerGazer

Come Closer: Archive Session - patricia kaersenhout, Hella Matroos and Jean Jacques Vrij

† Matroos Beeldsnijder, Jacob

Come Closer: Queer Choir Amsterdam #2

Path | Antonio Obá, 2022

† Lonck, Hendrick Cornelisz.

Silence #36: Liberation Concert

Silence #31: Ana Guedes, Hampus Lindwall

vol.7 n.17 007 | 30'07" |121169_tape loop_7'13" | Ana Guedes, 2021

Babhi–bɛrat 21r | Em'kal Eyongakpa, 2021

Silence #35: End and Beginning

Silence #34: 40 Ways of Being (a Woman)

Silence #33: x Fiber Festival: Maria W Horn and Mats Erlandsson

Walk and Talk: Jacob Lekkerkerker, Marianna van der Zwaag, and Mariette Dölle

Come Closer: Archive Session – On Ephemeral Gatherings

Come Closer: Queer Choir Amsterdam

The Fall | Susan Philipsz, 2021

† Sweelinck, Jan Pietersz.

Here Is Where We Meet | Aimée Zito Lema, 2021: Textile

Here Is Where We Meet | Aimée Zito Lema, 2021: Sculptures

Here Is Where We Meet | Aimée Zito Lema, 2021

Silence #32: Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Roland Dahinden

Silence #30: x Marc Mulders

The World After: Conversation Pieces | Children of the Light: PIXEL (First Light), 2020